Friday, November 2, 2012

Yes on Labeling genetically modified ingredients, Yes on Pro. 37


Regardless you’re voting for Democrats or Republicans; if you care about the food for your loved ones, please support and vote YES on Proposition 37.

The following message explains the reason well enough.  We do need labeling and protect our right to know the food we are having.

Thank you,

Sofia and Sarah at Ingredient Matters

Prop 37 Could Be One of the Most Important Initiatives This Year
Please Help Spread the Word About GE Labeling
We Have a Right to Know What's in Our Food
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Dear Supporter,

As a dad, I care deeply about feeding my kids the healthiest and safest food possible. But giant food and chemical companies have been trying to keep what's in our food a mystery. Fortunately for us, Proposition 37 can change all that by requiring labels for all genetically engineered food in California. That's why I'm writing to remind you to vote YES on Prop 37 tomorrow, and to tell your friends to do the same!

Right now, big pesticide and junk food companies are spending $1 million a day to trick Californians into believing that Prop 37 will raise food costs. You've probably seen their ads blanketing our airwaves. But why would the corporations who don't want to tell you the truth about your food tell you the truth about the cost? It just doesn't makes sense. Please join me at the voting booth tomorrow and remind your friends to stand up for our right to know what's in our food.
Prop 37 is a simple, common sense food labeling measure that will help us make our own decisions about what we put on our plates. Tomorrow, make sure that you and your friends vote yes on Prop 37 and help make GE labels the law in California.

Tell your friends to vote YES on Prop 37:

Thanks for your support,

Mark Schlosberg
National Organizing Director
Food & Water Watch

P.S. And don't forget to remind your friends to vote NO on Prop 32! Together, we can stand up to the corporate interests bent on controlling our essential resources.

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