Monday, April 12, 2010

Whole Foods’ Organic food is from China

Thanks to ABC I-Team’s spotlight on the so-called organic food in Whole Foods, people hopefully would start reading the labels and learn where the food is from. While it is easier for us to read the labels on the packaged food, it may not be as easy to know or find where some of fruits and vegetables are from.
We have been to Gilroy, CA, the Capital of Garlic. To our dismay, we saw many stalls claiming selling local produces are marketing Chinese garlic. We asked the store why a Gilroy local market/shop would market garlic from China. Surprised by our enquiry, the clerk answered: because customers buy them. We stopped buying the Garlic Ice Cream there. There is no way to know for sure they did not use the Chinese garlic for the ice cream.

At least, some stores like Whole Foods put on their labels showing where the ingredients are from. How about (if) the Vitamin companies buy bulk ingredients from China and repackage them in smaller packs, then mark them “Made in the US”. Technically it’s made in the U.S., but with Chinese ingredients. The problem for consumers is that, THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED BY LAW TO LABEL THAT.

This is where the trouble of our food chains starts.
(More on this subject will be followed.)